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Waiting List for membership of the RCAS

Following a communication from Fish Legal, part of the Angling Trust, we have been informed that we can no longer publish the names of members and would be members on this website under the New Data Protection Act  GDPR.

In future if you want to know the position on the waiting list of your proposed member, you must contact our Membership Secretary directly, who will be able to tell you your position on the list, but will not be able to inform you of any names above or below your own.

The New Data Protection Act has been designed to make sure any personal data kept by any organisation is the minimum  needed and is not shared with a third party without consent. Hence the change in publishing the Waiting List..

However, information filled in on a Renewal Form  or a Proposed New  Member Form is deemed to form a contract between a member and the club. Consent to store that information is, in the nature of the document, included. What is not included is the right to share that information with any other party, so rest assured RCAS will abide with the letter of the law.